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Photo: Lauren Spitznagel

The Boxing Loft passionately supports live music on Friday nights: blues, reggae and classic/indie rock.  These private events are open to The Boxing Loft members or invited guests with a capacity of only 50!   It’s a hip, one-of-a-kind experience in the arts district, Toronto, Ontario.

With an capacity of 50 people, an RSVP is definitely a good idea!  To become a guest or to get on our VIP list, please contact:

Artist Submissions: please also contact

Currently Featured Artist: 

Late Night Conversations  The band’s varied musical style is composed of chill out with influences spanning a number of genres including blues, reggae and world music. Whether it is an electronic performance or a stripped-down acoustic set, their deep bass lines, catchy melodies, sweet rhythms, and poetic lyrics are bound to physically and emotionally move audiences.


I initially joined the Boxing Loft to lose weight and stay healthy.  In the end I got a lot more than what I imagined.    Coach Emile, not only help me lose weight, but he got me to a fitness level I have never been before in my life.   He took a serious interest in my fitness goals, but he also saw my potential and encouraged me to challenge myself.  Not just physically, but mentally as well.   Since I joined the loft 3 years ago, I lost around 40 pounds and participate in boxing matches.  I am much more healthier and the self-confidence I have built up has helped me in my day to day life
Warren de Lima – Market Research Consultant