Rudancamp Boxing Network Inc.

Building And Developing Fighters

Rudancamp is a non-profit organization that focuses on building and developing fighters.  Our goal is to instill in fighters the conviction that they are responsible for their own success.  We teach them that they can reach that success by dedicating themselves to their training, by making a commitment to train regularly and by sacrificing things that may be enjoyable.  We want to build the fighters confidence so that they believe they can accomplish anything.

I initially joined the Boxing Loft to lose weight and stay healthy.  In the end I got a lot more than what I imagined.    Coach Emile, not only help me lose weight, but he got me to a fitness level I have never been before in my life.   He took a serious interest in my fitness goals, but he also saw my potential and encouraged me to challenge myself.  Not just physically, but mentally as well.   Since I joined the loft 3 years ago, I lost around 40 pounds and participate in boxing matches.  I am much more healthier and the self-confidence I have built up has helped me in my day to day life
Warren de Lima – Market Research Consultant