Rudancamp Boxing Network Inc.

Building And Developing Fighters

Rudancamp is a non-profit organization that focuses on building and developing fighters.  Our goal is to instill in fighters the conviction that they are responsible for their own success.  We teach them that they can reach that success by dedicating themselves to their training, by making a commitment to train regularly and by sacrificing things that may be enjoyable.  We want to build the fighters confidence so that they believe they can accomplish anything.

CoachE (Emile) has been my trainer and boxing coach since 2012 at the Boxing Loft. From the start he has demanded discipline and commitment, and in return he has taken my fitness to a new level, and has equipped me with the technical, mental, and physical skills to prepare me for a personal life goal of participating in my first (and not last) boxing match.

Like many of Coach-E's clients, I am a professional over 30, and the Boxing Loft is a great environment where you train with other like minded professionals with a passion for boxing at the same time as young up-and-coming fighters. Emile is a first class coach and individual that provides authentic boxing training that's intense, rewarding, fun, and tailored to your personal goals. I look forward to training at the Boxing Loft for as long as I can stand on my own two feet.
Jeff Cheong - Client