Boxing Training

Boxing training is an excellent way get a great cardio workout. Boxing is considered by many to be one of the best methods of exercise because it conditions the entire body in one workout by providing a high-intensity, calorie-burning routine that promotes optimal physical fitness.

Required and Recommended Equipment

In order train boxing you will need:

  • Boxing gloves
  • Hand wraps (Mexican style are best)
  • Jump rope
  • What Makes A Champion?

    True champions hate to lose more then they love to win.

    Commitment and dedication, two imperative traits to have if one wants to be an elite athlete or a World Champion


Like most of us, I've had several gym memberships and tried a lot of fitness fads but nothing ever clicked for me until I joined The Boxing Loft more than a year ago. In that time, there has been a marked improvement in my fitness level and physique, but more than that I look forward to every training session - I'd certainly never said that before!
CoachE tailors every workout to your personal needs and goals, and pushes you to excel while keeping routines fresh. He has created a good vibe in The Boxing Loft, while still instilling discipline. I encourage anyone, of any fitness level, to try it out - you'll be back.
Bernice Couto, PR Professional